Saturday, May 09, 2009

March for Babies 2009

Thanks to all of the teamwork this year we had an incredible time at the March for Babies! So many people donated time and items to help make everything so special for sweet Magdalena. People in different parts of the U.S. joined our team, and then, walked in their own state. And together we raised over 15,000 dollars to help all babies. How amazing! Thanks so much for all of the hard work, guys! Also, these pictures were taken by Yohan Pamudji, who was so kind to offer to take these for us. He ran up and down the walk the entire time, and I am positive he got more than 3 miles in!
Look how great our tent looked! Thanks, Laura, for letting us use your tent and having this sign made for us!
Look at the size of our team! Wow! We won the best t-shirt award, the most walker award, and Lori won the prize for the individual who raised the most money! Next year we are going to have to share the awards!

Our family getting ready for the big 3 miles! It was such an emotional day for all of us. Look closely at the picture, and you will see that both Lori (Loli) and I are wearing white buttons that say "Team Captain". The March of Dimes lady, Melanie, knew that Lori was in charge too! Ha! I will laugh at that for years to come!

Landon is ready to walk for his cousin! Look at that sweet smile while hanging out with Papa.

This is at the beginning of the walk when everyone is pumped about getting going. Hmm...I wonder if everyone was still smiling at the end!

Such a sweet picture that I had to share!

Caroline is working on her three miles and smiling the entire time! Fun!

The March of Dimes surprised Baby Roberts with some presents. Thanks to "Babies R Us" they were able to give us a swing, high chair, pack and play, and a bottle set! What an amazing, thoughtful group of people. Of course, Melanie, when presenting it made me tear up for the first time all day. I couldn't hold it in!


  1. I just wanted to stop in and wish you a Blessed Mother's Day! Congrats. on Baby Boy Roberts.

  2. Such beautiful photos. Such a perfect way to honor your sweet Magdalena! Happy early Mother's Day Julie. I know that your sweet girl is looking down from Heaven with so much love for her Mommy :-)

  3. It was a GREAT day! So much fun and so much to remember...

  4. What an awesome day! I wish I could have been there but Philip was graduating from State, so I had to go to that...I did help sponsor though! Maybe next year I can walk! I know that that baby boy will use those gifts well. Happy Mother's day!

  5. I do not ever really leave comments, however, you and your family have forever changed my life and the way i parent. I have a 4 year old little boy and 9 month old little girl. Your FAITH and Relationship with Christ is inspiring. When I put my daughter to bed I say a prayer for you and your husband and I no longer take little things for granted. I pray you have a BLESSED MOTHER'S DAY! oh, and by the way, boys are AWESOME!


    Congratulations on winning the prizes! Wonderful! Baby Boy Roberts will put them to good use!
    Very proud of your team and supporters. Well done!

    You look adorable by the way.


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