Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Time Has Come - Graduation

My amazing husband has finished all of his work, and has graduated from seminary!  I am so proud of him! He has worked so hard over the last four years, and although you can't see the tears, it took all I had not to flood the church.  We began this adventure while I was pregnant with Magdalena, and so, all of this is wrapped up together in a huge chapter of our lives.  I know that God will make the next one amazing too, but it was an emotional time as we concluded this one.  It's always funny the reminders God sends us because the ceremony was based on Psalm 116 and death.  "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saint."  It was a beautiful ceremony that I truly believe glorified God in so many ways. 


No pictures should have been taken during the ceremony, but thanks to  a cool sister we got this shot!

The wives were acknowledged at the end of the ceremony.  Tears were falling.  I was so proud of my man.

All family members were acknowledged. 

Look how handsome my man is in his graduation robe!  LOVE HIM!

My family with Noah

The kids were incredible during ceremony!

Noah's family came into town to celebrate
Walt wasn't smiling just yet for pictures.  Mimi began to give the kids nickels to get them to smile for the other pictures!  It really is cute how he loves to come home and put just a little change from Mimi in his piggy bank.
Noah and I decided to have a party at our house so that the kids could feel free to run around and have fun, and thanks to Noah's parents, they had an incredible sprinkler to play in during the party!  So many people helped to make this party extra special, and I am so thankful for all of them! 

A college friend of mine, Mandi Burgess,  made this INCREDIBLE beautiful and delicious cake!  She did such a great job maing it perfect for the occasion with the seminary logo on the side and Hebrew on top! 

Glass, silverware, and a napkin all rolled into one!

What's funny here is that we were all set up with guests at the house when I realized that I had not thought about chairs!  Thankfully, my mom had some that the men were trying to put out for us.

How funny to see a picture of me praying.  I had been trying to tell a great story and word of thanks, but unfortunately I am not the public speaker, so it was horrible.  At least they know I was super thankful for all of them!

The kids drank out of small Mason jars with a whole punched in the lid! 

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  1. Congratulations!!! Great party to celebrate a great accomplishment!!!

    Excited to hear what comes next!

  2. I can't believe there was not one pic of me with Noah posted on here. AND I TOOK ALL THE PICS... so i know there was one or two that could have been acknowledged.

  3. Hooray and congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! How wonder-wonder-wonderful!!!!

    And I have to ask, was Walt's sweater from The Children's Place? I think Luke had that vest!

    1. Thank you! I did buy the sweater from Children's Place! Great minds think alike!

  4. Jennifer: Love the picture Julie (finally) posted of you! You are beautiful! No wonder you wanted it posted! Noah obviously is crazy about his aunt. So cute!

    Now that I am older I am happy to be behind the lens but wish there were more pictures of me when I was younger. Ha!

    1. Jennifer is so beautiful!


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