Saturday, April 28, 2012

March of Dimes 2012

My family has an incredible group of friends that come and walk with us each year in the March of Dimes walk.  This year I was disappointed with myself because I had so many things going with the adoption, Noah's graduation, and work, that I wasn't truly able to put as much time into it as I normally do.  This is one of the biggest things that I get to do for Magdalena, and I truly felt like I failed.  It might not have been obvious to everyone, but I could tell.  But this year was one of my favorite years because I sat back to think on the day I realized that everyone came to support us and they made it so clear.  Yes, everyone agrees with the March of Dimes and the work they do, but they come to the walk to show us the greatest form of love.  Those that wanted to come and couldn't sent a text.  And this wasn't just for Noah and me, but friends of other members came for them too.  To all of you I am extremely humbled today.  Thank you for picking up the pieces and running with it this year, my sweet and amazing friends.  I couldn't have done it without you.

Things that may seem like they are just a small act of kindness can truly remind a grieving mom of true hope.  Can't thank you enough!

Baby - Thank you for being the muscle man and moving everything around and setting up the tents.  You are continually my major support on these days.

Dad - Thank you for using this as your Saturday off from work every year.  Your commitment keeps pressing forward in our mission to help more babies be born healthy.

Mom - Thank you for watching Walt the night before and throughout the event.  It eases my mind and let's me focus on being there.

Derek - Thank you for filling Grandmom's spot this year for us.  It got me choked up when we realized that none were there to sit with the purses.

Jennifer - You rocked taking some pictures!  I love seeing what I missed!

Lori - Thank you for always getting the word out there that shirts are for sale so that people don't forget about us!

Kim - Thank you for driving in from out of town pregnant to do this with me. You are an amazing friend to me, and I treasure the time we get together.

Loryn,  How is it possible that you beat me by $1?  You totally rocked this year getting those donations!  Thank you for all of the work that you put into raising money!  Thank you for your constant friendship.

April and family - thank you for walking in California as an extension of our team!  It was great to see your pictures, and it meant so much to see those orange shirts at another walk!

Lindsey and Chris -   Thank you for driving in from out of town to be there, and thank you for blowing up balloons, moving tables around, and helping me fight the wind from blowing off my papers.  Love you my sweet friends.

Laura - Thank you for always helping me do this.  The tents make it possible.  We wouldn't have this cool set up without you!

Hannah - Thank you for coming and recruiting members! We were so glad that you were there!

Keri and Judy - Thank you for coming, walking, and supporting us!

Katie, Daniel, and family - Words can't describe.  Thank you for bringing your kids too.

Danica -  Three years ago I met you as we branched out to another team.  Thank you for continuing to come and walk with us.

LaDonna - I love that your daughter walked as a part of our team instead of the hospital's.  We were so glad to have her!

Ms. Doris and Libby - I am so glad that you came this year, and it is always good to catch up with you!  Thank you for making this a part of your lives.

Ms. P - Your faithfulness to our family shows how much we truly are related!

Angel - Two years in a row!  Hope to make it three for you!

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