Saturday, April 21, 2012

Learning to Fly

Last Saturday we took Walt to a local event where cocoons were given it away with instructions on caring/releasing the butterfly.  And, so, we have waited patiently for our cocoon to darken to let us know it is almost time. Then, today our caterpillar officially became a butterfly.  It was such a beautiful process, and amazing to see God's hand in it all.  Noah, Walt, and I enjoyed watching the butterfly learn its surroundings and take a few test flights before flying away.

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  1. My son's preschool teacher does this every year with the children. This year, I think they had 7 or 8 cocoons, and only one butterfly didn't make it (Andrew said something about it being upside down and couldn't get out and dry out properly). It's a beautiful thing to see!


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