Friday, August 07, 2009

Magdalena's Special Day

One year ago, we met the most amazing person, our sweet Magdalena, who forever changed us. There are many things that remind us of our "big girl", Mimi's "sweet pea", Loli's "lil bit", and we brought these things out on this very special day.
Our first born, our daughter, our special little girl....Magdalena... We tried to spend the day remembering as special as she was, but by the end of the day grief did take us over.

She loved her balloons! Mimi and Papa brought one very much like the first one she ever received, which was at her 100-day birthday party. Gigi brought some that reminded us of her princess, pretty in pink qualities that we loved so much (with a blue butterfly).
We took her a huge #1 balloon with pink and purple matching ones. Look at all of those balloons!
Noah and I took the special NICU nurses a pink cake.
That night our family got together for cake and ice cream to honor such a special day. This was only planned the week before because I was so unsure if I could make it through a celebration of her birth. My sweet husband just encouraged me to do it, and Gigi encouraged me to make it just like their kids' birthday parties with pizza, cake, and ice cream.
Every family got to take home a party favor of two DVDs that had all of our parties that we had held before she was born and the time we had with her. They are full of so many memories. Thank you, Ron, for making these for us!!
Loli made a cake with Magdalena's favorite thing, balloons!

Noah and I searched many places for the perfect pink cake plates! Look at the hot pink napkins to match! They reminded us of her so much!
Loli added yellow to make the cake shiny and bright as the things that used to grab her attention.


  1. Happy birthday magdalena! I know this day brings joy of meeting her and pain of saying good bye. I continue to pray for your family.

  2. What a precious celebration! I'll continue praying for your strength. What a precious angel she is!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Magdalena. You are so missed!!

  4. What a perfect birthday celebration. So well suited for a little angel princess. I bet ya she got a front row seat from heaven :) Can you imagine the parties in Heaven? Its fun to imagine what balloons there might be like. :)
    I'm sure it is an emotional time for you to reach this 1 year milestone without her in your arms. Hugs and prayers for you.

  5. Bittersweet Day forsure! Happy Birthday to that special girl who touch many...will never be forgotten and will always be your first born! Think of you often

  6. how thankful i am that you have such a supportive family to get you through this difficut and special day. we won't ever forget her.

  7. I echo what Carla says! Every pic I saw as I scrolled down that post was a perfect kind of celebration for your little girl. She no doubt had front row seat to enjoy the whole thing.
    Thought of you 4 all day and sent special wishes and prayers your way and upwards to heaven. Your chosen way to mark another momentous milestone, no matter how difficult it must have been for you, continues to inspire even strangers. Glad that Walt was able to enjoy some bday cake [via his Mama!]

  8. Happy Birthday to Magdalena!

  9. Happy Brithday Magdalena! Shower your mommy with feelings of love and remembrance of your special touch!

  10. Julie I am in awe of you and Noah and your entire family for celebrating your sweet Magdalena's first birthday in the most perfect way. I know your arms ache for her but your heart is filled with such love and memories of your perfect little girl.

    God bless you as you remember her and look so forward to meeting her brother soon.


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