Monday, March 09, 2009

Good Things to Do

Although I had the plan to write over the weekend, I am glad that I can say that I did not have the time to do it. I have been asked to do things before, but I just haven't felt up to the task of socializing. The socializing that I do at church is enough for one week. It hasn't been like I don't want to chit chat, but I have been physically and emotionally tired, really tired, which has just made it so hard. This past Friday, we made plans to go on a double date with some of our fabulous friends, the Elliots, and I was wondering if I was going to be up to it on the day of. Last Friday was the 6th, and that is the toughest day out of the month for me. Along with being tired from work, I was just hoping that I was going to be up to it. Well, we had a blast! We were able to get some good talking in with our friends, eat some delicious food, including some of the best fried pickles that I have ever tasted. It reminded me of Magdalena in a sweet way because that was one of my biggest cravings when I was pregnant with her. Then, Saturday Noah somehow was able to get me out of the bed because we were going to be able to meet with some missionaries that we served with in Mexico. We had not seen Bryce and Noreen King since we left two years ago. We all met for breakfast, which again was delicious, and we had a wonderful time just catching up. Surprisingly, afterward I didn't go home and nap, but instead went out and about with my mom and nieces. It really was a beautiful, sunny day, which had a good effect on my mood too. To top off a big day, Noah and I went and grilled out with my parents that night.
It was so good to want to get out. With morning sickness and missing Magdalena I have been in a gloomy mood, but a little God-given sunshine can help get over that hump.

Also, a lot of my pregnancy sickness is gone for now, but I still have to keep something in my belly at all times. I feel like the people at work see me eating constantly, and maybe it seems that way to them too! But that baby is hungry! Noah is still in school working on some classes while interning at the church. He is hanging in there too. I can't say that we are fabulous because our hearts are mending around a little hole that will always remain where we miss our sweet, big girl, but we are doing well overall. God has drawn us together in this hard time, and we are finding a new way of loving each other during this new time too.
Thank you for all of your prayers. God is so faithful to this little family.


  1. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Julie, I am so glad to hear that you had such a great weekend! Fried pickles can make anyone feel better!!
    Megan Logan

  2. Julie...I think I have a phone that he can have for free...i will look for it tonight.

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling up to getting out some now. We have followed Magdalena's story after hearing about her from our nephew, who is a student at RTS. Our prayers are with you. The Lord is good!

  4. I'm glad you've had some great quality time with friends lately. It is beautiful how the Lord shows His grace through His people.

    I was at Babies R Us the other day buying something and I heard someone say the name Magdalena. I don't know if they were talking about your sweet girl, but I'd like to think that they were. It still amazes me how the Lord is truly working through the life she lived glorify Him. :)

    Do you have a due date from Dr. Crews for the newest addition?

    Praying for you.

    PS - Jacob saw Noah at Blockbuster the other day getting a movie for the two of you. I wish Jacob would let me watch a chic flick!

  5. We're so glad y'all came out with us! I didn't mention sweet Magdalena's 7 month birthday but knew it was the day and was thrilled y'all were able to make it out. I'm glad to hear the sun and the weekend fellowship were good for you!

  6. how do i know if the phone is compatible with cell south?? we have a couple extra phones that you guys can just HAVE.

  7. Hey julie. I think my dad has an extra phone that is cellular south compatible too. I will check with him. It may be just a simple version but it is still in good shape. So I will check with him. Also, have you had your broccoli casserole yet? Lori called me asking about who made it. She said you were craving it.

  8. Anonymous1:31 PM

    I know that I haven't been in touch in a while, but we are still praying for you all. I am so glad to know that you are starting to feel better. Believe me, I KNOW how wonderful that is. I hope to see you soon!!


  9. Does Noah's phone need a new battery? If so, we've usually found decent prices for rechargeable batteries online. Hopefully, though, someone will have an extra for ya!

    Can't wait to meet Magdalena in heaven! She's been one special little girl to me.

  10. Julie, we have two blackberry pearls, one red, and the other black. We had them through AT&T, your welcome to them both, plus car chargers, and any accessory that came with them. I know Cellular South doesn't use SIM cards, like AT&T, but if you want these they are yours. I am Jennifer Burnham Rutledge's mom.

  11. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart aches for you. My firstborn Shelby Hope only lived for 30 minutes so I cant even imagine what you are going through. I am so sorry. Love in Christ Jesus.

  12. Julie,

    It's great to hear that you are feeling better. That first trimester is difficult, but so worth it.

    Loved your post. Glad to hear that you are getting out and about and that the sun is shining. God is so good to give us good friends and family to be with.

    I was also very excited and encouraged that you and Noah are growing even closer. It's so easy for it to go the other way. I pray that your love for God, each other, this new little person who will soon be in your arms, and your precious Magdalena will grow each and every day.


  13. I have a black Katana that i used with sprint service, if it can be re-purposed for you it's yours. Let me know and i'll get to you!


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