Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul

I have so many friends fighting for their lives, but tonight I ask that you pray for two of them. And when they are too weary too pray, let us all pray for them now.

When I was in college there was a woman who truly changed my life. Back then I was not even close to the person that you know today, and God used my sweet friend to truly change my heart. We enjoyed talking about scripture over a glass of wine, and she would pull out her bible that was worn with much use to read directly. Over the last year she has beat so many odds, and basically showing doctors it is God who is in control no matter what type of medical degree you have! I say all of that because today especially my heart has been so heavy for her and her family. I ask that all of you would take a moment right now and pray for my sweet friend and her family. You don't know the details, but God does. May God wrap his arms around all of them so that they may rest in knowing he has not left them nor forsaken them.

An outstanding wife and husband both have been diagnosed with cancer within the last year. The wife is just beginning treatments now as the husband's body is becoming so tired in this earthly world. They are an amazing couple who is special to both Noah and me. Please pray for them and their family right now.

I ask this of you because I know that even now when I am overwhelmed with hurt and grief there are days in which it can be so hard to pray, but those are the days when I need to feel the closest to God. In those times, it is your prayers that I have felt and God has answered. If my friends should have these same times, it is my hope that all of us who love them, will carry their prayers for them.

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  1. Just finished praying for both. Love you, Julie.


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