Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week 6 - Why?

As far as I am concerned, God turned good what you meant for evil. - Genesis 50:20

With our situation, as I am sure it is with you, we asked the question why? many times while in others God's presence was much more obvious. For me, the times that I questioned our situation Satan was attacking me to question God, but I know that God is in control of all situations. Nothing happens against what He will allow. What I liked most about this chapter is that it is for all who have suffered in different ways. It doesn't have to be due to the loss of a child. The reasons that given in this chapter, and supported with scripture are 1.) natural consequences for your sin or someone else's sin, 2.) the result of a living in a fallen, broken world, 3.) suffering Satan has brought, or 4.) discipline through hardship. My hope is that so many of you are reading this book along with me, and if you aren't, I would really encourage you to read this chapter along with the scripture in The Bible.
Scripture has always been a constant reminder of how God is in control of all things. If that were not true, there would be no hope. Without Christ there would be no hope. And so when I ask the question why? I find my hope in Christ because of our sin and this fallen world Magdalena suffered, and because He loves us and we have a relationship with Him, we are saved and to be reunited together.
Nancy asks at the end of the chapter to reflect on why we (the reader) think we suffered, and I would say that it is because we live in a world "where sin has taken root and corrupted everything - even our genetic code."

I have a friend who is in labor with her first child right now, and I wonder if she is wanting to have a strong discussion with Eve and how she wishes that she hadn't eaten that apple! Sin should get us fired up! Why is it that we have become so immune to the sin that we don't put it in the same category as our suffering? I know that I have done this on my occasions. I am not saying that because I sinned, Magdalena had a genetic disorder. I am frustrated that Adam and Eve sinned which caused the world to be broken, and therefore, Magdalena had a genetic disorder! But God has continued to show us grace and mercy, and He sent his son so that we could be reunited with him despite the sin in the world. This is our hope in the midst of our suffering, our rainbow after the rain.

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  1. This was a really special chapter for me for many different reasons. She took on some very hard things and did so well with them in a few short pages. She even got to the point with the introduction in wondering whether it's even profitable or possible to answer the "why" question while accepting that it will be asked and it's something that we have to grapple with.

    I agree with you about sin. I get frustrated with it in myself so much. It's so interesting how the farther you go with God, the more he shows you little things. And the little things are so big in light of His holiness. Sin should bother us -- not just the sin of the world around us, but our very own condition. That seems to be more the answer to the "why" of suffering too -- not that we did something specific that caused God to turn masochistic on us (because He is NOT that) but that because all have sinned, all will suffer. It's hard to swallow. But it is so true.


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