Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

Easter is such a bittersweet time for our family. Noah and I know in our minds that because of this special holiday is the reason why we will be reunited with Magdalena in heaven. Jesus is alive, and he is holding her now! But on these special days we are reminded of our loss. These are days when families come together to celebrate, and our hearts ache for her wishing she were here with us. It is like my world just starts spinning out of control when a holiday approaches, and trying to manage everyday life, act normal, smile with everyone else just piles in on me.
But just as I will be doing for the rest of my life, I am learning to live this new way, and slowly it will become easier.
Because of God's grace, we have our special Walt to keep us distracted and give us so many smiles and fills our house full of laughter.

Walt loves being Super Baby, and he loves to not have his clothes on, so this is his favorite pose!

Loli and Walt are hanging out watching Caroline and Emma play soccer.

Walt loves to roll all around the room, and here he rolled over and pulled the blanket over his head, and he laughed the entire time.

Walt has to have some sunglasses to get ready for the summertime!

Walt is already enjoying reading!

The SIDS walk was on a special and hard day for this family. You may remember me writing about Laura, who initially was Lori's friend, but now, is a friend to all of us. Her son, Tucker, passed away of SIDS on March 27th, and this year the walk was on that same day. She encouraged us to find a way to honor Magdalena's life, and just a few weeks later we walked in our first March of Dimes walk. Throughout my pregnancy with Magdalena and the short time we had with her she was an amazing support for our family. This is her with her oldest son, Foley, and the first walk for her daughter, who is due at the end of June. Walt was excited to be a part of Tucker's Team too!

Walt's first time to eat baby food. He is loving those bananas!

A few days later we tried sweet potatoes, which was more of a challenge, but he can't keep that smile off his face!

Walt's six month picture

I do not know how to garden, and I struggle to keep plants alive, but I decided that this was something that I really wanted to do. My mom helped me to pick out plants that could be in the full sunlight, and then, she showed me how to plant them and basically everything else. Here we are wearing last years Magdalena's Feet shirts together, which was not planned!

Walt loves to be outdoors

Some of our finished projects

Tomato plants that Noah planted for us! Yumm...

Rosemary and Cilantro

My family has a tradition since I was a young girl of waking up with an egg in our slippers on Easter morning. Here is Walt's egg!

Our family Easter picture. My men look so handsome! And if you look closely you will see what my thoughtful husband gave me today. It is a butterfly pin handmade from the rhodonite stone, and it is beautiful. It is such a sweet reminder of Magdalena.

Carved Rhodonite Butterfly Pin

My mom, my sisters, and me on Easter Sunday

Mimi always has gifts for the grandkids on Easter. Looks like Walt likes everything!


  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    This entry just really made me smile... To keep from getting too long-winded I sent you an email telling you why. Thanks for all the great pics!

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    WHOOPS! Just realized I was signed in as Carter (he has a gmail for writing sweet messages to his dad). It's Katie, not Carter! :)

  3. Loved all the pictures! Walt is the cutest little guy! Walt in his new sunglasses - adorable!!!

    Love the family tradition of finding an egg in the slipper. It is so great that your family is so close.

    Noah's gift to you was perfect and so thoughtful!


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