Friday, November 13, 2009

Handprint like Big Sis

On Magdalena's 100-Day Birthday she had an ornament made with her hand print on it. Her cousin's school was making them, and Loli, knowing that it would be a special keepsake for me, set it up for Magdalena to get it done too. I had been thinking about that a month ago and wondered how I could get one made for Walt so that they would both have one on our tree, and the answer came two days later through a letter someone at the school sent. They sent the flyer just in case Walt wanted to have one to match Magdalena's, and of course, he did! It is the smallest things that people do, not expecting to gain anything and not knowing how it will affect someone else, that really change this world. Reflecting on the day I took Magdalena was bittersweet for me because it was such a special day that we never thought we would have, and here we are getting to celebrate with Walt in our own special way too.
He was great on his little outing, but then he is not the misbehaving type. I am so excited to have one just for him too!

Here is is just hanging out and waiting for it to be his turn.

Unlike his sister, Walt did not cry when there was cold paint on his hand.

Here he is already making his imprint on this world!


  1. aww that is so special!
    He is getting big!!

  2. That is very sweet of them to get handprints of Walt...truly a treasure to keep forever!


  3. Sweet story and what a beautful keepsake. Walt is so adorable!!!

    Praying for wonderful moments for your family during the holidays. They will no doubt be sweet and bittersweet yet full of joy and celebration as well. May you feel the Lord's presence each moment.

  4. Oops! forgot the i in beautiful. Freudian slip perhaps... ;)

  5. Your tree is going to look so awesome with those gorgeous ornaments!


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