Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Wal-mart has come through for me the second year in a row! Last year I had a preemie size jack-o-lantern onesie for Magdalena, and this year Walt got his Halloween costume from there! It was a great buy for $8!! He was the perfect little monkey! I think the trick is to look for deals before I absolutely need to have them and before everyone else is looking for them, so I get the treat of having something cute for cheap (a little joke). I think that we found both at some point in August both years.
Walt wasn't quite sure what to think about himself being a monkey, but he was very laid back, especially when he realized that there was candy involved. We began the night by trick-or-treating at Mimi and Papa's house. Then, we went to our church's festival. Although Walt was too young to play any of the games, it was fun to walk to each of the sections to see how creative people in the church got to be and how hard they worked to make this special for the kids. Noah and I just walked around, talked, and looked, and once the temperature became really cold we decided to take Walt to a warmer place. We all went back to Mimi and Papa's house where we ate our yearly fall chili.

Mommy's little man giving a big smile for the camera at the beginning of the night

Noah and I placed Walt and his bat basket in front of the door and stepped back after ringing the door bell. Walt sat outside the door and patiently waited for his candy, but when Mimi saw him she almost picked him up. Thankfully, I was there to point out that he had his basket in front of him. Here is Mimi putting some candy in it for them.

Our festive looking family

My precious nieces striking a pose for the camera. Can you guess who they are?

Of course, Boo has to be in the picture when the famous people too!

I love my sweet Laura.

All of the grandkids at Mimi and Papa's house before going to the festivals.
We are all so happy that Landon is really smiling for the picture!

My parents' neighbors are so sweet to all of us. Here are the kids trick-or-treating. Jennifer has a picture of Laura pulling out multiple pieces of candy. It is so hard to remember to share with such a big bucket of candy!!

Whew! It was a long, tiring night for this sweet, little man!


  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Awesome photos!!! I am glad you all had a fun night!!

  2. love the Michael Jackson costume!

  3. Love Walt's costume!! He is so cute!
    All three of my siblings, along with their families, come over to my house every year for chili and hot dogs....I'm glad to see someone else has the same tradition.


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