Monday, June 08, 2009

He's Back!

After being faced with many obstacles the youth group along with my husband returned yesterday morning around 6:30 am. The bus had a flat tire, so they arrived about five hours later than expected. Noah said that everyone was in good spirits about it, even though they had already been on the bus for a full 24 hours. That is amazing! God was definitely at work on the trip, and while surrounded by His artwork, kids were able to praise our amazing God. It is good to be back together again! Noah went straight to bed while I read and washed his clothes (They stunk too bad to let them sit!). Then, in the afternoon we sat out at the pool and just talked to catch up on all that happen (yes, I found a bathing suit to cover my belly). We lost track of time, and now, Noah is burnt to a crisp! I feel so bad for him! While he is exhausted from the trip he is having to deal with a bad case of the sunburn. And after a nap, we went to worship! What an amazing day! This morning he left early to help with the Arts and Sports camp at our church, so he will be running around all day with the kids! Please pray that he will be able to keep up his energy throughout the week so that he can truly impact the kids' lives, and also, he is trying to finish his online class for school.

Walt is 23 weeks old this week, and he is comforting me by moving around so that I know he is ok. I hope that he is already a Mama's boy. We will return to the doctor in two weeks for a check-up, and on our 28 week visit we will do another sonogram to check his size for any possibility of abnormalities. It is hard to believe that I only lack 16 more weeks before I get to see his sweet face in person. Maybe it is because we have been so focused on making it through the end of the school year that we were able to not focus/worry/stress over the pregnancy as much as we will later. Because I had a C-Section with Magdalena, I will also have one with Walt, and it will be scheduled when I am 39 weeks pregnant. So unless he decides to make an appearance that time, we will see him the last week in September!


  1. Julie, I am SO happy for you as you prepare for Walt.

    I'll also pray for Noah as he is SO BUSY this summer, also that his sunburn will heal soon. I know what that feels like as I had a really severe burn in 07.

    Love to you ALL!

  2. Happy news! Praying for your family and a healthy baby boy!! Don't want to be nosy but is a VBAC not an option?

  3. I am so excited to "meet" your new little guy. I am glad that your hubby made it home safe and sound. Continuing to keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. :-)

  4. I have really enjoyed reading your entire blog over a two day span. You are such an amazing couple. Jill Smith (I See Love blog), Lilly's mom, is a friend of mine and that is why I have developed an interest in reading more about Trisomy 18. Lilly is now about 4 weeks old and she is truly a miracle baby as well. Thanks so much for allowing others to go through this journey with you. Best wishes to baby Walt!

  5. Glad to hear that Noah is back. What a schedule that guy has! It was exhausting just reading about it! Hope he made it through!

    Jennifer W. asked about a VBAC. Perhaps there are reasons why you cannot consider this. 30 years ago I had my son by C-section as he was breech and 8lbs and my labor was going no where. Three and a half years later I had my daughter naturally. Yes, 27 years ago. (Oh my, where does the time go?) Maybe something to ask your doc about...

    Hoping that you two take some more time to sit and enjoy each other (just be sure you have sunscreen - ouch!)and the joy of anticipating your little boy!


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