Friday, December 01, 2006

What will Noah and Julie do next year?

One of the main questions that Noah and I receive most often is “What are your plans for next year?”. We can honestly say that we are not sure. We don’t know where we will be living or working. It all depends on where God opens the doors for us. Both of us want it to be known that we are looking for a job, but it is hard to actually apply when we live outside of the county. However, we are doing what is possible from afar. One part of this is how exciting it is! We can live anywhere and do anything! The other part is definitely terrifying because we aren’t sure if we will find work. Noah would love to work at a church and in one to two years attend seminary full time, and I would love to teach. These are great passions, but we constantly remind ourselves and each other that we must be open to whatever God will have us do upon our return to the States.

When I began studying as an undergrad I KNEW without a doubt that I would become a dietician, but after two years I realized, with the help of our RUF director, that something wasn’t right with what I was pursuing. It is a wonderful profession, but it wasn't the one in which God was calling me to pursue. I was so thankful to take a semester and substitute teach because that is when I realized how much I enjoyed teaching. Before then I would never have considered the profession. Although I changed my major, God still uses what I learned in those first two years of school in my daily life to make healthier choices. Also, staying in school longer gave me time to become more mature, grow spiritually, and to meet the most amazing people, people who would radically change my life. Teaching and my new found love of languages helped me to discover a work that I would truly enjoy doing. However, God is still molding and shaping me. What I am doing now is what God has called me to do, and I want to constantly remind myself that God may have other plans for me in the future.

Please pray that God will lead us in the direction that HE would have us go, and that we will LISTEN as he calls us. We can live anywhere and do anything, but we really want to live where God has called us to live and work where we can glorify him most.

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  1. Lindsey9:43 AM

    I will definitely pray for you and Noah as you seek how you will serve the Lord together this year. I appreciated what you had to say about college majors and the Wilckes. I would love to share a coffee with you and too bad we didn't connect when you were here over break! (Is Les Fortier Josh's mother?) The cat story is pretty funny..sounds just like you two!


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