Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Adventure Series #1

Living in a new country always brings adventure into life. Therefore, I have decided to begin sharing some of them.

I have wanted a cat for such a long period of time. Finally, I decided when I graduated from college that I would go to the pound and bring one home as a graduation present to myself. When I realized that I would move to Mérida to work at Blas Pascal I decided that it would be best to wait to buy a cat. Then, I married a man who is allergic to cats! Although Noah is allergic to cats, but still has a huge heart. We were on our nightly walk when suddenly we stopped because of a sound coming from behind a building. It was the sound of a baby kitten. Noah was determined to find it, and I was excited that I was going to get to bring it home! We stood staring at a grassy area full of trash looking for this baby kitten. Determined to have a cat I considered walking through the trash in hopes of finding it, but after seeing a rat and a possum crawling around I decided against it. Then, we saw the cat, or what we thought was the cat. Noah thought that it was big enough to take care of itself. I continued trying to convince him that it was too small and needed love. After discussing and staring at the cat for about ten minutes we realized that it had not moved in quite a long time. Then, we realized that the "cat" was really a piece of "trash". There is a kitten somewhere in there, but we definitely did not see it.

Moral of Story: For adventure filled with rats and possums, walk in a grassy, trash filled lot behind an OXXO (convenience store).

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  1. That's HILARIOUS, Julie! I will be praying that you eventually get a cat, and it is nice to know that Noah loves you enough to endure sneezing if you do happen to run across one.... However, your story reminds me of an experience I had in Hong Kong. I can't remember if I wrote a/b this on my blog or not, but I'll tell it anyway.
    Ever since my mom and sisters got Swatch watches, I have wanted one of my own. The only problem is, there are only a few stores in the U.S., and I don't usually find them. In HK, I did! And I berated myself for letting my excitement dominate over all of my desires for the trip. After all, I was there for God's will, not my own, right? Well, later, my team had a really cool prayer time, and I really felt like God was telling me that I could go back and pick out a watch, that because I had been faithful to Him, it was his small gift to me. Eventually, I did get one and wore it with pride and thankfulness for about a month. Then, the band broke. I never got around to fixing it, and when I finally decided to, I couldn't figure out where I had put it away for safe keeping!! To this day, I still have not found that dumb watch, and I learned a lesson from it. Even though God does bless us with earthly treasures, they don't last. His first gift was the best that we will ever receive, and it will last FOREVER.
    I don't know if that helps with your desire for a cat, although I do hope you eventually get one. And I will be praying for y'all's job search! I definitely know the feeling. OH, and I might as well start passing on the bunches and bunches of job opportunities that I receive through Covenant's education dept system--that is, if you're looking for a Christian school. What subject do you plan on teaching? Just e-mail me!

    Much love...


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