Thursday, April 27, 2006

Worshipping in PJs

I find it challenging every Sunday to understand the sermon in Spanish. It is difficult to understand a different language when the person is not directly speaking to you or if they say something out of context. The speed, accent, and tone of voice all affect my ability to understand. My favorite part about the worship services here is the singing. It took a bit of time to learn the words, the meaning of the words, and the notes to the song, but now I enjoy it so much! If for some reason I don't know the tune, I am able to simply listen to the words and praise God in this manner. And, of course, it is always cool to have a song to sing that I learned in English first, for example, "Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord".
Because I am not able to worship in my first language weekly, I enjoy having sermons on cd. It is a bit after midnight and I have just finished listening to my pastor preach on Acts 6:1-7. I have a few sermons on cd by some "big name" preachers too, but I always enjoy the ones from FPC for many reasons. Besides the fact that my pastor is an amazing teacher (and singer), and his family have been amazing people to have in my life over the past five years and I feel blessed to know them. Secondly, I enjoy singing the hymns with the congregation, listening to the organ, and actually feeling as though I were sitting in a pew worshipping with those that I love.
In about a month I will no longer be worshipping with my brothers and sisters in my pjs in Mexico but face to face. I know that it is hard to believe that I have been here for a year because time flies by so quickly (and that is why we should live each day to the fullest). During the upcoming summer I will be taking graduate classes to help prepare me for what lies ahead here in teaching. I am excited about the work that l will be a part of here! Next year I will continue to teach third level English at Blas Pascal. Along with teaching, I will help to begin an English institute at night for those who are older, and help to establish purposeful discipleship groups among teachers and students. God has opened so many doors in the last few months and I look forward to seeing where those paths lead. I will miss being here during the months of June and July, but I am looking forward to returning to the states for nourishment of the soul and the schooling.
Please pray for me as I prepare for the summer, the beginning of the English institute in the Fall, the short term groups coming here to work during the summer, and our team as we work with them.


  1. laura1:38 PM

    i am so glad to know you will be home this summer! i will be excited to see you! miss you

  2. Great blog, Jules! It is always fun and interesting to read about your more personal side. I am sure you will have a great time visiting friends and beginning your dream of gread school in the States, but you will be greatly missed here in Mexico.

  3. Great blog! We're going to miss you this summer, but I know it will be a refreshing time, both educationally and spiritually.

    Dinner was fun... hope we can do it again before you leave... Noreen

  4. lindsey b.2:29 PM

    yay! i'm glad you'll be able to worship with us this summer (in english, too). i'm convicted by reading your blogs about how i take for granted even the ability to understand the sermon and songs, when many times daydreaming an easy "trap" to fall into. Really listening to a sermon, I think, should be like it is in that book by Brother Andrew. When he was a kid, his church would gather in homes afterward to discuss the sermon. I think we don't process what we hear and it doesn't get a chance to soak in.


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