Saturday, December 10, 2005

Saturday Mornings

On Saturday mornings, I help at the mission, which similar to VBS or bible school The kids have nothing, but come and are happy to be there. They are walking rays of sunshine in my life. During this time, on Saturday mornings, we sing praise songs, tell bible stories, learn verses, and eat snacks! I am still trying to learn a lot of the Spanish praise songs, but when I am singing the kids notice it (maybe it is my accent). Even when you don't know all of the words to a song, you can still praise God! If the little ones don't know all of the words, they still know when to clap. While my hands were on the table, Karla noticed how white my hands were! It never crossed my mind until she put hers against mine. These kids are soaking in information daily! I want to be sure that get the right stuff! Because the kids range from ages 6 months to 13 years, we separate into two groups. The smaller kids are able to learn the meaning of the songs, and where in The Bible you can find this truth.

It was hard for me to say goodbye to the kids on Saturday. I will in the states during Christmas break, so I won't see them during the next few weekends. During the bible story, I was standing behind Karla (she is wearing a pink shirt in the picture uptop), and she kept looking up at me because she knew that I was going to leave. After I had hugged her and told her how much I would miss her, she continued to lean her back against me. I realized that she was doing that so that she would know when I left. She knows that I love her! I pray that she will realize that Christ has an unimaginable love for them, more than I could ever give, and will come to know Him as her father. Please pray that all the kids will come to know this love personally!

When I began helping with the mission, people from the church, Shalom, were leading the activities. However, after many years and the declining heath of one of the helpers, they decided to hand the mission over to another church, which is located closer to the neighborhood.
Also, the kids would be able to attend the helping church because it is located much closer than Shalom. Currently, we are undergoing this transition. It is hard for the members of Shalom to let go of the ministry, but they know that it is best. Please pray for the kids and the new helpers!