Saturday, December 31, 2005

Christmas in the States

I am thankful that I was able to return to home during Christmas break. It was a good time spent with friends and family, but my favorite part was the time spent with my nieces. Six months away does not seem like such a long time for adults, but for kids it feels like an eternity. Each of them had grown so much since August! Also, we celebrated my grandmother's 83rd birthday (Dec. 24), Granddad's 79th birthday, and Emma's 2nd birthday.

As four generations sat in one room, I realized how quickly time passes us by without us realizing it. We get so ready for the next point in life, whether it is graduation, marriage, childbirth, or a holiday, that we forget to live in the present. It is important to plan ahead and be prepared for what is to come, but not to let the thought consume you. For my own benefit, I may need to reread this blog consistently to remind myself. I enjoy where I am in life. For me, I enjoy Merida, the school, my bible school kids, my roommate, and friends that I have made along the way. I have been pushed to my max, but God has been there to see me through. Each time has made me a stronger person.

To many people, missionaries are seen as these indestructable godly creatures created to serve God in other countries. We are simply Christians called to live out our daily life in a country other than our own. How is it that we are able to do this day by day? The same way that each of us is able to go to work, love our family, and serve Him to the best of our abilities. By the grace of God. God has called me to serve in Merida during this year, so He has given me that desire. Some days are very long and hard, and I mess some days up so bad I wonder if God's mop is big enough to clean it all up. However, He used these times to show me my sins, to teach me, and to bless me. All that I am given in Merida I do not deserve. He has given me friends, students, co-workers, and kids that light up my life. It would take a lot of space to name each person, but hopefully you will learn more about these people throughout the rest of the year when reading my blogs.

I look forward to writing more when I return to Merida. Please pray for the upcoming bimester with my students, our team as we become reunited, Saturday afternoons at the mission, and Saturday evenings at La Roca. Also, please pray for my roommate, Ayve, and myself as we move into a different house.

Memaw's 83rd birthday (Christmas Eve)

Kristin, Me, Loryn, and Debra after going out to eat

Caroline had her tonsils taken out shortly after Christmas (pic on left), but she had a successful recovery. Later in the week we played on the playground at Chick-fil-a.

Laura (7 1/2 months)

Celebrating Emma's 2nd Birthday