Saturday, July 28, 2012

Life Happenings

Unfortunately we don't have any updates on the adoption right now!  We are just in the "patiently" waiting process where we are completely done with all of our steps except for the one where a child is placed in our arms.  We are looking forward to meeting whomever God is calling us to parent, love, and adore!  We have had a lot going on this summer, which has definitely made time fly by way too fast!  Walt is growing at unrecognizable speed, and he makes me aware more each day how important parenting is.  Some things are clear on how to do, but sometimes things aren't.  The idea of praying for my child before I even had children was always there, but now, as we are bringing up Walt, I don't see how we can do it without God's clear guidance.  Walt is a fun little guy who continues to be a blessing to us, and through him God is molding both Noah and me to be the people who He has called us to be.  And as more children enter our lives, I know that God will continue to strengthen our faith in him through each child in a different way.  Each child's personality and story will be different, and I pray that we will be ready for each one! 

On Cow Appreciation Day at Chic-fil-a we dressed up and ate breakfast together.  Since it was early in the morning, we were the only ones besides the employees who were dressed up!  Every customer who came in showing the "cow spirit" by celebrating this particular day, got a free meal! 

Letting Walt go on a big trip without us is one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do.  My parents are amazing at being grandparents, and we never doubted for a moment their ability to care for each grandchild individually, but it was so hard letting go of our sweet man.  My mom sent us so many pictures of their daily events and along with FaceTime, we survived!  Walt had a blast with his cousins!  That first night was the toughest though because I ended up crying, but I knew without a doubt he would be fine and we had made the best decision.  The older he gets, the more I am going to have to let go....whew, this is tough.  

While Walt was on his trip, my friend from college had her first baby.   I am beyond happy for them, and I was honored to celebrate this special time with them as they welcomed him into this world.  I got some good snuggles from my sweet, brand-new friend!

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