Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Fun!

We had a very special Christmas this year. With my family everything is always eventful, and this year particularly was full of laughter. Here are a few glimpses of our many happenings.

After our Christmas Eve service (where I burned my hand with the wax of a candle...I am so not surprised that I did) we went to Grandmom's house to celebrate Christmas with my Dad's side of the family. Here is Walt with his sweet Grandmom, his Great-Grandmother.

Caroline continues to surprise me and warm my heart at some of the most special times. We were eating dinner, and she asked (in her grown-up 4th grade tone) what Walt was wanting for Christmas. I began telling her, and she added that he would want a balloon like Magdalena, his big sister. I really don't remember what else she said because I was so choked up over it and trying to gather a little composure to respond. Every special family event I always miss Magdalena more, and it was one of those days I was really longing for her to be with us. I wonder if Caroline will remember all of this when she is older because although it makes me cry, it means so much that she remembers Magdalena in a special way.

Christmas morning Walt got a Toy Story tent. Here he and his Mimi are playing in it! (Walt is entering through the tunnel while Mimi cheers him on!)

Walt got some of his favorite straws to play with! He enjoys those so much, and the red ones are his favorite!! I saw this pink angel ornament with sparkles on it after Thanksgiving, and it never left my mind. A week before Christmas I finally had to go and buy it. Christmas Day we took it to her grave.

This has become Emma and Walt's special time, and at this tea party they are joined by Max. Emma is so sweet and patient, and Walt learns so much from her about having a proper tea party.

All of the grandkids together. They had a blast this Christmas, and one of the things that Walt has picked up on is to scream when you get really excited. It is so cute! On Christmas Day the girls got electric scooters, and they began jumping up and down while screaming with excitement. Walt banged on the box and began screaming with them! It was so adorable.

I can't remember the last time that Noah and I took a picture of just the two of us! That is unacceptable! We need more of them!

Noah playing the piano while the nieces sang.

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  1. Everyone should know how to have a proper tea party, even boys!

  2. What a gorgeous family you have! Happy Healthy New Year to you and yours!!!

  3. Look how big Walt is! You all look great!


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