Monday, November 27, 2006

Finally Blogging Again

Is it really almost December? I am having a hard time comprehending this because just yesterday we were in the month of August. Time has definitely flown by quickly. A cool breeze lingered in Merida last week, but I think that the hot days are quickly returning.

A lot has happened since the last time that I have written, so I will write short updates. I promise to be better about writing in my blog. I hope that all of you will forgive me!
An update letter was mailed out about a month ago. If you did not receive this letter and would like to be on my mailing list, please post a note to me below so that I can know!

Noah and I have enjoyed over three months of being married. Being married is work, but it always ends up being so much fun. Each of us has our own tendencies that keep us learning and laughing a lot. Growing up my dad was definitely outnumbered by the females in the house, so I had a lot to learn about men once I became married!
I am thankful to be able to work along with my husband during the day. I enjoy how we are able to do so much of our ministry together, and we grow closer while we are doing it.

We have smoothly adjusted to the new level of English that each of us is teaching and at the same time we are getting to know our students better. I feel completely inadequate to be teaching a literature class, but I have learned so much while trying. I struggled with finding ways to make it more interesting so that the students aren’t simply reading and writing all of the time. I wanted them to interact so that I could learn more about each of them. Now, I bring a little of my own personality into it. The students may begin the class with a bit of Veggie Tales that has a Bible theme or a children’s book that is read on a c.d. Although my students are in high school, they can still learn English and learn more about God through these activities made for little kids. (Also, they are still enjoying the Bible verses put to a children’s tune!)

Currently, we are practicing for our upcoming Christmas performance. ALL of the English classes will be singing some Christmas carols together. I am sure that it will be crazy combining all of the students in the school in order to sing, but I think that it will be a lot of fun too! I was so glad to be able to help one of the lower levels practice their pronunciation and they were smiling at me because I had to speak in Spanish for them to understand. Many of the students’ faces were new to me, which made another good reason for being there. The lower levels will sing “Jesus Loves Me” and the chorus to “Go Tell it on the Mountain”.

Last week we enjoyed a visit from a friend. She was able to come and work with the teachers at Blas Pascal on using teaching maps and on classroom management. She was such a blessing to have at the school and in our home! I was able to learn more about her through such a short visit! It seems as though sitting over a good cup of coffee helps to build friendships, so I would highly recommend it! (I used Kathy’s idea of putting a little cinnamon on top of the coffee grounds in order to make it so good! Thanks, Kathy!)

Please continue to pray for us as we are building relationships in and outside of our classrooms!
Pray that God will always open doors for us to be able to share the gospel.
Also, pray that we will continue to grow as one flesh!

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  1. Great blog, Baby! I love you so much!!! Thanks for being my beautiful wife, my Love.


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